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Q'art Projekt Ilica: Q’art

Art program

Projekt Ilica: Q’art

Authors: Aleksandar Battista Ilić, Ivana Nikolić Popović

09.05.2021, 12:00-20:00

As part of this project, for Performing Ilica, artists are invited to reinterpret or respond to the possibility of encounters and social interaction on the street with their works; earthquake problems, rental prices and working conditions that define the lives of city residents; aspects of staying in malls or outdoors; models of city transformation by works of art. Three performances will be presented. Vlasta Delimar and Milan Božić will perform "The Silence of Living Sculptures in the Silence of Damaged Houses", Jelena Lovrec the performance "I Want to Be Like a Berber vol.3", and Iva Supić Janković "Zagreb Zlodusi Dobri Duh Zagreba". During the performance "Silence of living sculptures in the silence of damaged houses" the bodies of two performers in front of selected houses, painted in pink and blue, become the potential of living sculptures that interpret the current state and attitude towards buildings damaged by the earthquake in Zagreb. With a piece of paper with the word Dignity in their hands written on it, the artists identify with the damaged objects and transmit their energy to them as an attempt at revitalization and restoration. Jelena Lovrec started her work "I want to be like a Berber" in 2016 as a series of street actions in which the artist allowed passers-by to choose one of her works without compensation. She would then sign an official grant with them, with a clause obliging the gifted person to place the selected artwork in their apartment, photograph it, and then send the photograph to the artist.

Place: Zagreb, Croatia

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