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Nakon potresa: Javni razgovori #5, 22/4/2021

Gradska galerija Striegl

Interview moderator: Ivana Kordić

About the interview series: The series of talks ‘After the Earthquake: Experiences,

Knowledge and Perspectives’ is designed as an incentive for a broader and more inclusive public debate on the consequences of the earthquake in the Sisak-Moslavina County. We talk to experts and activists of different profiles, experiences, practices and attitudes who - most broadly - deal with space, society, natural environment and cultural heritage affected by the earthquake: architects, urban planners, art historians, cultural anthropologists and ethnologists, sociologists, ecologists, ecologists dr. By detecting acute problems caused by the earthquake and considering future scenarios of joint recovery, we question existing and open possible new starting points and approaches in response to the crisis. We see different perspectives and the opening of a wider horizon of possible solutions as the basis for forming a public discourse on potential comprehensive healing. In addition to providing insight into current and upcoming problems present in the communities affected by the earthquake from a number of professional perspectives, we want to share the experiences, knowledge and open new perspectives closer to the interests of the general public, connect experts and, ultimately, influence the conclusions of these discussions. on solving practical problems within communities, but also on future moves of management structures. People behind the conversation: Public talks are organized by the City Gallery Striegl from Sisak and Sloga - Platform of self-organized volunteers. They are held in a two-week rhythm, on Thursdays starting at 6 p.m. Given the current situation and in accordance with epidemiological measures, and in order to make the program more accessible to a wider audience, all conversations will be held online via the Zoom platform and will be broadcast on social networks and in the Radio Sisak program.

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