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Carsten Sander

Art program

"Faces of Europe"

Artist : Carsten Sander


Gallery French pavilion in Zagreb

“It has always been, and will always be a thrill and welcome challenge for me to share the way I see the the world through the lens of my mind.”

One of his latest works is “HEIMAT. Deutschland – Deine Gesichter” (Germany – your faces).

Sander depicts celebrities, athletes, politicians, chance encounters on the street—all on equal terms, side by side. 1000 faces of the European Union is an impressive demonstration of European sentiment and a tribute to peaceful co-existence, tolerance and shared values. In a contemporary way, this project centers on the humanity, emotionality and visionary power of the European idea all across Europe, from Madrid to Riga, from Dublin to Bilbao.

Place: Gallery French pavilion in Zagreb

The exhibition pavilion of the French Republic was built in 1936/1937. at the location in Savska cesta 25, in Zagreb, as part of the fair event Zagreb Choir, according to the project of French architects Robert Camelot and Jacques & Paul Herbé and civil engineer Bernard Lafaille, structural designer. The French pavilion is a unique engineering innovation on which a thin-walled twisted-wall structure was applied for the first time for a load-bearing structure in high-rise buildings, so we are talking about a building of exceptional cultural-historical and technical-technological value, which exceeds local significance. By the decision of the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Zagreb, the French pavilion was placed under preventive protection in 1987, and by the decision of the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture in 2003, it was entered in the Register of Immovable Cultural Property.

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